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Level Up Your Business Meet Drone Boss Damon Darnall

February 06, 2022 J Flow Season 1 Episode 11
Enlighten Millionaire Podcast
Level Up Your Business Meet Drone Boss Damon Darnall
Show Notes

Meet Damon Darnall aka The Drone Boss. Currently, Damon is the President at Sky Eye Network, Premier Network of Professional Drone Operators all over the world.

Damon started being an entrepreneur at the age of 5 selling Hot Wheels through selling, trading, and obtaining commission for his first business. Listen to how Damon took a gap semester from college to kick-start his drone business and made the pivot to follow his calling. Now, he's embarking on the path to influence 1000 people to become millionaires in the next 5 years.


Damon Darnall  00:00

If you don't enjoy it, you're not going to do it long term. You can make yourself do anything but it's not going to be long term. And it has to have some learning and growing, which I think pretty much anything does. Whether you're looking at racing little stupid Toy Drones, because there's always up leveling, there's always the competition. There's always you can tweak this or do this and you're always looking for one little thing, you know, or whether it's business or up leveling your relationship or up leveling your health or something. I think there's always you can always learn and grow and be open to that.

J Flow  00:30

Welcome to the Enlighten Millionaire Podcast with Damon Darnall, what's up, Damon, welcome to the Flow Show.

Damon Darnall  00:37

Hey, J Flow, it's great to be here. Excited to get to talk to you and unpack all the amazing stuff we're gonna be going through.

J Flow  00:45

I am so grateful you taking your time and energy to share your story, your journey of how you became the drone boss, right? So before all of that, like before the network that you created helping teach 10s of 1000s of people. I want to go all the way back.  Back to when you were a child. And what was that dream for you growing up? Did you have like a vision or goal when you were a child?

Damon Darnall  01:10

Yeah, I did. I mean, I think all kids, you know, we have this incredible ability to dream and we don't have limits on it. I think as we get older, we then learn to give up or crush those dreams down and stifle them and not give them power. But I think that the driving force, I think what sets entrepreneurs apart is they hang on to that desire in that dream a little more than other people. They don't give it up as as easily.

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