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Building Legacy Wealth Meet CEO Manal Fakhoury

February 13, 2022 J Flow Season 1 Episode 12
Enlighten Millionaire Podcast
Building Legacy Wealth Meet CEO Manal Fakhoury
Show Notes

Meet Dr. Manal Fakhoury, CEO of Vestech Partners, has a strong business intuition and has managed multimillion dollar budgets after escaping from a war torn country as a child. 

Listen to Manal's story of coming to America, adjusting to go into consulting for the pharmaceutical industry to earning her MBA with the title Most Outstanding Business Student Award. She ultimately became a successful CEO teaching people how to build legacy wealth 

Manal has been recognized with many professional and community awards including Pharmacist of the Year, Person of the Year, Business Women of the Year, Communicator or the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Webster’s Distinguished Alumni Award, and United Way Community Service Award.

Manal  00:00

This whole breakthrough of you know, private equity and teaching people and being an educator and empowering people to know that they can use their money to be able to invest, and to have the some safeguards and guardrails to, you know, some of the things that we learn, you know, like, you know, having the best in the industry, aligning yourself with the best that happens on the game, the inverse risk, reward the allocation, you know, reducing taxes. It's teaching people and empowering them.

J Flow  00:33

Welcome to the Enlighten Millionaire podcast, Dr. Manal Fakhoury. Welcome to the show. How's it going?

Manal  00:40

Great. How are you? 

J Flow  00:41

Amazing, I'm so grateful and excited to have you here as a special guest. You know, as we're growing up, like there's, at times that thing that we want to be that dream that we want to become, I know your incredible entrepreneur, CEO, managing multi million dollars, you have over 30 years of service of for profit and nonprofit from all over. From TEDx, and just serving all over the world. But before we get to there, I want to start all the way back. Where did it all begin for you?

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