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Serial Entrepreneur On Shark Tank Meet David Stankunas

February 20, 2022 J Flow Season 1 Episode 13
Enlighten Millionaire Podcast
Serial Entrepreneur On Shark Tank Meet David Stankunas
Show Notes

Meet David Stankunas, a serial entrepreneur in Los Angeles who created many different businesses from the ground up. Listen in to his incredible story as he pivots from one business to another capturing opportunities and leveraging them. He started a business on creating and selling Poker Bling during the Texas Hold 'em Poker Tournament craze that helped him quit his job to becoming an full blown entrepreneur. Eventually he started an apparel business learning the ins and outs of branding, marketing and retail to ultimately land on Shark Tank.


David Stankunas  00:00

I didn't get on Shark Tank until several, seven or eight years later, after I launched BeardHead. Hard work and motivation is the biggest thing. If you are motivated to work hard, you're going to probably succeed over talent or intelligence or resources. Hard work is the most important thing.


J Flow  00:23

Welcome, everyone, to the Enlighten Millionaire podcast. Today, we have a special guest, David, all the way from Los Angeles. And so David, if you could share, what is something that most people know about you? And what is something that a lot of people don't know about you?


David Stankunas  00:41

Well, I guess most people will know that I have my own business. I've been an entrepreneur for more than a decade now. Something that they might not have known as I started out with a corporate job. Just as a communications consultant for years out of college, spent a fair amount of time there. It took a little while before actually jumping out and off on my own and starting businesses.


J Flow  01:04

Amazing. I would love to dive into that transition a little bit more. But let's go way back. What was your childhood like? Where did you grow up? Where do you go to school?


David Stankunas  01:14

So childhood, I grew up in the Bay Area, San Jose, Saratoga, in California, upper middle class, I guess. Both my parents are engineers, I have one sister, it was a very privileged life, I would say. I was afforded love, opportunities. I didn't have to really worry about trouble at home, or you know, are we going to be able to pay rent? 

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