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Enlighten Millionaire Podcast 1: Meet Mark Strome

November 21, 2021 Enlighten Millionaire Podcast Season 1 Episode 1
Enlighten Millionaire Podcast
Enlighten Millionaire Podcast 1: Meet Mark Strome
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Meet Mark Strome on the Enlighten Millionaire Podcast, he is an Entrepreneur and Chairman of Strome Investment Management. He has a wildly successful track record of investments and an incredible journey.
Listen in on Mark's journey and his pivotal moments, how it all started for him growing up on a farm with only $600 to achieve the American dream with hard work and resiliency. Mark shares how he grew his retirement account from 8k to 80M. Tune in to hear what money meant to him and how his perspective on money changed when he almost died twice as he shares his life lessons.

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Episode Transcript

Enlighten Millionaire Podcast  00:00

I remember you sharing with me how you took your retirement account, and you invested like 50 or 100,000. And you took it to like 80 90 million. What would you say is a key to that success?

Mark Strome  00:13

Call it intuition or whatever. But when the stars line up, I put my bed down again, I don't put 10% of my mind to it. I put all my money into it. So like for Zion all my money in Bitcoin

Enlighten Millionaire Podcast  00:26

Welcome to the enlighten Millionaire podcast with special guest, Mark Strong. Welcome to the flow show Mark, I flow. So before we get into it, mark is an amazing American entrepreneur. He's the founder chairman of Strome Investment Management, along with incredible and abundant track record of investments and philanthropists. But I like to start all the way back. Where did it all start for you, Mark?

Mark Strome  00:55

So I think my story is probably started when my grandfather went out to shoot a chicken hawk, tripped over a wire and blew up his right arm right at the shoulder. And how that affected me was, he had one son and Eugene, my father. And he expected Eugene to do everything for him because he only had one arm. So my father was tasked with working probably 18 hours a day since he was a young child on the chicken farm. And he got conditioned to basically be a complete workaholic. And lucky for me, my father, another entrepreneur decided to leave when he was 18 and start another entrepreneurial venture, which was a small dairy farm. And he was equipped with this incredible workaholic capability. And you know, in those days when you had a small farmer, basically everything so he really could do everything, you know, he could do. He built his barns, he did his plumbing, his electricity, he fixed his tractors, he put he did everything. Fortunately, or, unfortunately, for me, he only had one son, me. And you know, he only thing you really knew was to, you know, work constantly, all day long. He did teach me how to work smart, by not wasting time, but I was really had to sort of fit in his shoes of being this constant workaholic. So he was probably not consciously, but just an amazing teacher, because he did several things, you know, I got the workaholic, which is no success comes without hard work. 

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Mark spent childhood working on his grandfather's dairy farm
Growing up, Mark's relationship with his father
Mark's high school journey as he applies for college
Mark's transition from high school to college
Mark discusses about his imposture syndrome in college
Mind expansion
Mark's transition to UC Berkeley
How Mark started his career with $600 out of college
Mark's mindset as he transitioned from Merrill Lynch to Oppenheimer and other investment firms
Psychological effect of Mark's father passing
Mark as a ferocious reader
How Mark developed the investor intuition
Mark's near death experience
Mark's first experience of being knocked down but not out mindset
Mark's take on taking risk in life and investment
Mark's studies on religions, philosophy to develop his own belief system
Mark's journey of starting his own funds under his own name
Mark's mindset as he battles against near death experience
Mark's adoption of existentialism
Mark's shedding of childhood programming of being a workaholic
How mentorship played a role in Mark's life
Mark's journey in a wrap from childhood to present day
What Enlighten Millionaire means to Mark
What side hustle would Mark do if he only had $1000 in his bank account
Spiritual habit that Mark would adopt if he were to start over
Mark's crypto journey
Mark's growing his retirement account to $80 million
What the audience can take away from Mark's story