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Med School Path to Marketing Innovator Meet Mouneeb Shahid

January 30, 2022 J Flow Season 1 Episode 10
Enlighten Millionaire Podcast
Med School Path to Marketing Innovator Meet Mouneeb Shahid
Show Notes

Meet Mouneeb Shahid, an extraordinary digital marketer, who helps serve hundreds of businesses to strengthen their innovation and visioning through education and implementation Listen to how Mouneeb grew up with his parents' expectation of going into Medical Science, he pivoted to follow his heart and interest in computer programming, then joining his the Chamber of Commerce to network, and build his business of marketing to impact hundreds of companies.

Mouneeb Shahid  00:00

Motivation is important. And all factors like belief and so forth are important. But it's really important to have the discipline because I think without discipline, you know, nothing can really get done. Consistency is really the key to success. I mean, you have to consistently continue to perform the tasks that you need to be able to perform, to achieve the success that you desire. So discipline plays an extremely important role over there. It's one of the key recipes to success of any form.


J Flow  00:28

Welcome to the enlighten Millionaire podcast. Mouneeb Shahid. What's up, brother? 

Mouneeb Shahid  00:34

Thank you for having me, James. 

J Flow  00:35

Thank you so much for joining us. You know, I know you're a digital pioneer in marketing services, and helping empower entrepreneurs with their passion and teaching them about digital marketing. But before we get into all that, and all that, because you've been doing it for since 2004. Right? And so before we get into all that, I like to start all the way back. Right, when you were just a kid growing up, where did you grew up? And what was your dream? What was that thing for you growing up?

Mouneeb Shahid  01:05

I was the only child in my family. So there was a lot of attention, you know, that I took from my family as a result of being the only child, I guess it's one of the perks, but it also, I was to myself a lot when I was growing up. I had this passion of being able to connect and socialize with the friends that I had at the time. Based on my background, I wanted to really get out there and make as many friends as possible because I don't have any brothers or sisters. Initiated the salesperson within me at the time.

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